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The United Way Fights to End Human Trafficking

Leonard Yakhnich

Leonard Yakhnich graduated with a BA from the University of Minnesota. He is an account executive for Informatica LLC, a software company in Redwood Shores, California. Leonard Yakhnich's charitable interests include the United Way.

Mobilizing the generosity of communities for 125 years, the United Way has developed specific programs to deal with some of society's most difficult problems. The United Way Center on Human Trafficking and Slavery was introduced so that this generation can put an end to slavery.

Surprisingly, the world has more slaves today than ever before. More than 20 million people worldwide are victims of human trafficking, which takes place in both wealthy and developing nations.

Every state in the US and the District of Columbia has received reports of human trafficking, with traffickers estimated to earn upwards of $150 billion per year. The United Way hopes to combat the problem by raising awareness, teaching people to recognize the red flags that indicate human trafficking, and letting people know the impact of human trafficking. To learn more, visit

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